Electrical Panel & Service Upgrades

Electrical Panel & Service Upgrades

Today's high-tech homes require more power than ever. Why struggle with insufficient low-amp electrical service? If your home is limited to 60-amp power, maybe now is the time for a service upgrade to a 100-amp or 200-amp main electrical panel.

If you live in an older home, the electrical system may not correctly handle the energy load your family requires. For any electrical upgrades you need for your home, contact In Charge Electric now.

Many homes and businesses need their electrical panels upgraded. With the increased use of electronics in the home and workplace, older panels are easily overloaded.

You may need an electrical panel upgrade if:

  • Your circuit breaker trips frequently.
  • Your circuit breaker doesn't reset after it trips.
  • Your home has fuses instead of circuit breakers.
  • You've noticed signs of small electrical fires.
  • Your electrical wiring is old or damaged.
  • Your home is 20 years or older and has never had a panel upgrade.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: There are several electrical panel brands that are known to cause problems. If you have any of these brands, call us for a replacement right away – Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Pushmatic, or Sylvania.

Many other home electrical upgrades, additions, and services might require an electrical panel upgrade such as:

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