Air Conditioning & Heating Circuits

Air Conditioning & Heating Circuits

Air-Conditioning & Heating Circuits

Summer will be here soon and we will have sunshine blazing upon us once more. Temperatures will reach into the 90’s and your Air-Conditioning will be working extra hard.

Sometimes you’re A/C system will trip your electrical breaker. Many times the fix is a simple flip of a breaker. However if it happens more than once, there could possibly be a serious electrical issue. If the breaker trips, it’s best to call an expert electrician from In Charge Electric.

A/C Companies doing Electrical work. Be Advised

Many A/C companies here in Central Florida are installing electric. They do this because they want to make extra money. They are not licensed to do this work, just as were not licensed to do theirs.

We have seen so many electrical violations installed by A/C companies. The reason we bring this up is because if something were to happen to your home because of the electrical work not being installed by an Electrical Contractor, your home insurance will give you nothing.

If an A/C company tells you they can install the electric, ask them to provide their electrical license. By law it has to be displayed on any advertisements, business cards, forms, company trucks and websites.

Always call a licensed Electrical Contractor first!

Before considering a new Air-Conditioning system or furnace, you should always call a licensed Electrical Contractor first. If you’re living in an older home, your electrical system may not meet the demands or be able to handle the power consumption of a new Air-Conditioning system.

Our licensed electricians will perform a complete evaluation your home so we can determine if your current electrical panel can handle the new load. If we happen to find out that your current panel cannot handle it, we will then be able to provide options to make it possible.

Older Homes

Many older homes do not have Air-Conditioning causing the inside of your home to become 20-30 degrees hotter or even vice versa during the winter time.

If you have been considering bringing in a new Air-Conditioning and/or Heating system into your home or even upgrading your current system, there has never been a better time. Air-Conditioning and Heating systems are becoming more affordable than ever. This is especially true when it comes to installing Mini Split units.

Save Even More Money Today!

In Charge Electric has done thousands of new circuit installs and we know what needs to be done to get the job done right, the first time. With In Charge Electric it does not matter what type of system you need, we can make it happen and we have options that will save you both time and money.

Our Guarantee to You

We are committed to exceeding customer satisfaction, and maintaining your homes and businesses with safe and reliable electrical work.

So whether you want to cool off during the summer months or get cozy in the winter, call the expert electricians at In Charge Electric at (352) 350-7878,  or please request service from our contact page.

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