Up Front Pricing

What is Up Front Pricing?

Up Front Pricing is giving an exact quote to the penny for any electrical repair or installation you may need. There are never hidden fees in our pricing. No surprises. We will show you the price up front before any work is started in writing, and the price will not change, guaranteed.

We live in a world where people talk and communicate through social media, online forums, and face-to-face. We see it on the news all the time. With all of this communication, some shady contractors still seem to be ripping people off and taking advantage.

Always get a price first in writing or electronically. This will protect your interests.  Most consumers prefer to know the exact price; we use a national Up Front Pricing guide. In Charge Electric only charges by the job, not by the hour.

Time and material pricing has been a standard for many years, but I have found it unfair to customers. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Homeowners have to constantly watch the clock and technician to make sure he is working. He has to make sure he hasn't gone to his van to many times. Talk too much or take cigarette breaks.
  • Homeowners never know what the price is going to be until the job is done.
  • No hidden charges or two or three-hour minimums.
  • The contractor does not have to send expert electricians to the job, because if they get done to fast, that means they don't make as much money.

No matter the size of the job, small or large, when our technician arrives at your home or business, we will first evaluate what you need to have done and will then show you what the job will cost before the job starts. We strive to evaluate every job to ensure that we will provide you with the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Prices come from our standardized pricing guide right from our iPads. We will provide an Up Front Price and go over every aspect of the estimate together. Prices will not be concocted out of thin air or based on where or the type of home you live in. Everyone is treated the same.

I can send copies of your quotes, invoices, and home inspections straight to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just one more way our business is going green.

You don't have to worry about math mistakes or something added. There is no confusing or complicated to read handwriting either. Everything is spelled out. Giving everyone a clear picture of what is going to be done. Too often, we have seen bad contracts where the homeowner is not covered.

If you need an electrician that gives fair UP FRONT PRICING, please call In Charge Electric today at (352) 350-7878, or you can also use the service request form above to request an appointment.

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