Computer & Data Circuits

Computer & Data Circuits

Do you need new electric or data circuits for your computer?

Or have you ever looked under your desk and saw the horrid mess of tangled cords wrapped within each other looking like a collage of wires gone bad?  Looks like cable spaghetti doesn’t it?

These cords may even be intertwined with low voltage cords that are going to the printer, fax machine telephone and etc., which is not good because it can affect the overall performance of your devices.  It can be such a tangled mess; you can’t even figure out what goes to what.

Every one of these cords is going to something important involving your computer.  If you are like most people, you will probably have a surge protection strip or perhaps two of them.  With all these devices plugged into the outlets and strips, what ends up happening is that you are using a lot of power and in most cases, you are overloading the circuit.

Typically, the circuit that feeds the outlet you are using for your computer has many more outlets on it and perhaps the lights too.  Have you ever noticed your lights dim when you print something from your computer?

With so many devices in one room and then by adding a computer, there is a good chance that your circuit could be overloaded. With that said it’s best to have one or two dedicated outlets installed for your computer and computer hardware alone.

It’s very important because overloaded circuits can cause fire, electrocution, property damage and destroy your computer.  In Charge Electric can install the right circuit for your needs and clean up all the cords behind your desk, so they are organized and safe.

Low Voltage Wiring – Computer Networking

In Charge Electric can also install new low voltage wiring in your home or business.  So whether you need a new phone or cable line installed, you have come to the right place.  If you are having troubles with your current network, we have you covered there too.

Call In Charge Electric today at (352) 350-7878, and one of our expert electricians can take care of all of your electrical and networking needs, or please request service from our contact page.

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