Why does every home need smoke AND carbon monoxide detectors?

Without both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector in your home and workplace, your safety and the safety of those around you are at risk. These two pieces of equipment function as life-saving devices and that is what they do.

Understanding Smoke Detectors

During a fire, smoke inhalation kills more people than the fire itself. Individuals who are asleep or unaware that there is a fire are overcome by breathing the smoke long before heat or flames reach them - and when it is already too late.

Ionization smoke detectors measure electronically charged ion particles in the air. When smoke begins to fill a room, it causes an electrical imbalance in the air. The higher the presence of smoke, the greater the imbalance which causes the smoke detector to sound the alarm. Ionization smoke detectors work especially well in storage areas with highly combustible materials like paint, newspaper, cooking fat or cleaning solutions.

At least one smoke detector belongs on the ceiling of each floor in your home or office, preferably near entry doors to rooms so the alarm can be easily heard.

Understanding Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Even if you live in a home with only electrical appliances, without a carbon monoxide detector, you are taking a risk with your family’s safety. Carbon monoxide poisoning comes from unexpected sources like your fireplace, gas grill, or an adjacent neighbor’s home. It is also common to live in a home that has electric appliances yet is wired for gas.  For the utmost safety, all homes and workplaces should have carbon monoxide detectors installed. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are commonly confused with the flu, and extreme exposure to carbon monoxide causes a person to lose consciousness, experience heart failure or even die.

Exposure to carbon monoxide causes neurological disorders, memory loss, personality changes and brain damage. These serious health risks are preventable with proper carbon monoxide detection equipment installed. The devices are inexpensive and could mean life or death for you and your loved ones.


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