Smoke Detector Replacement

Smoke detectors are an incredibly important part of keeping your home safe from fires. But like all things, they don’t last forever. To ensure that your smoke detectors are working properly and keeping you safe, you should be getting them checked and changed out by a licensed electrician every 10 years.

In addition to this regular check-up, you should also maintain your smoke detectors regularly. This includes testing them monthly, replacing the batteries twice a year, and keeping them free from dust and debris.

If you just purchased your home and it's new to you, we recommend that your smoke detectors should be changed out. If you notice the color of the smoke detector has a yellow finish, this is a clear indicator they are old and need to be replaced. 

If you’re not sure when your smoke detectors were last changed out by an electrician, it’s best to go ahead and get them checked and changed out. This way you can be sure that your smoke detectors are functioning properly and keeping you safe.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and make sure you stay up to date on your smoke detector maintenance.

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