Hurricanes and the Benefits of Having a Standby Home Generator.

Living in Florida has its pros and cons. Along with our wonderful balmy weather comes our inevitable hurricane season. After Hurricane Matthew, although we dodged a bullet compared to what it could have been, thousands were left without power. Generators at major home improvement stores sold out statewide and had to be shipped in as customers drove hundreds of miles and waited in line in hopes of picking one up. If Matthew taught us anything, it's that as Floridians; we should always be prepared. Here are four benefits of a standby home generator installation:

Benefit #1: It Kicks in Automatically
The last thing you want in an incredibly unpredictable situation like a hurricane is to have to go outside and struggle to get your generator going. This risk is the critical difference between a compact model for emergency use and a fully-installed standby generator. Whole-house generators are wired directly to your electrical panel. The minute your power goes out your generator kicks in.

Benefit #2: You stay comfortable
Many people believe that a residential standby generator is a luxury and that losing power for a few days is no big deal. That theory, however, fails to take several important issues into account:

If you go without electricity for three days or more, everything in your refrigerator becomes garbage. A minor issue if you're talking about a few old eggs or hot dogs, but if you have a deep freezer stocked with meat, the loss could be quite costly.

Throughout the previous months of hurricane season, temperatures in Florida can feel like 105 degrees. The wind rages outdoors, while you're stuck inside stifling heat. Hurricanes make open windows and doors dangerous. Your air-conditioning becomes less of a luxury and more necessity.

During the latter part of hurricane season, temperatures can significantly drop. For babies and the elderly, this can cause serious medical issues. A standby generator installation lets you maintain comfortable warmth where you need it, as well as hot meals, and warm water for washing.

Benefit #3: You stay secure
There are few other words in the English language that perk up the ears of looters more than "power outages." With first responders and law enforcement focused on the wellbeing of residents in highly impacted areas, thieves have the rare opportunity to target many homes assuming that no power means no security. Lack of lighting means the home's occupants can't see someone breaking in during the night. It's easy for intruders to figure out that no power means no alarm system, too. Sure, they may not be out looking for trouble during the actual hurricane, but the days following the storm are a different story. Provide your family with peace of mind knowing that all your security mechanisms remain fully operational.

Benefit #4: You stay informed
Mobile phones, computers, the internet and TV all require power to function. Hurricane Matthew was forecasted to hit Florida's East Coast as a Category 4 Hurricane while weather reporters scrambled to figure out which storm tracking system had the most accurate track. You could unknowingly be in an area under a mandatory evacuation order and would have known to leave had you been able to watch the news. A residential standby generator keeps you connected when it matters most.

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