Don't Forget About Electrical Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and it is beautiful outside! As usual, with Spring cleaning, comes the time to take a closer look at everything in your home that needs attention and to focus on going into this new season with a fresh, clean start. 

It's time to consider what you don't see every day, behind the walls: your home's electrical system. Sure, your appliances may seem to be running in great condition, your outlets may not show any sign of trouble, but after long cold months of a lot of use of your oven, furnace, thermostat and holiday lights and decorations, Spring is the perfect time to have everything looked over closely, checked and tweaked for optimum performance.

Here are a few ways we suggest you tune up your home's electrical system this Spring:

Trees - check to be sure the new tree growth isn't threatening the wires around your home. If the wind can blow a branch into your electrical wires, you need to schedule a tree service to have the threatening branches trimmed back to avoid downed power lines and electrical fires.

Electrical Panel - look inside your electrical panel closely for any signs of burns or scorching around the fuses or breakers, which could indicate a loose or sparking wire. If these are noticed, contact an electrical professional immediately.

Outlets - look closely at all outlets in your home (even if they are not often used) to check for tell-tale signs of loose or sparking wires indicated by the presence of burn or scorch marks and if any are discovered, immediately contact your electrician.

GFCIs - the easiest way to make sure your GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are properly working is to carry a small lamp with you to each outlet, plug the lamp in, and press the "test" button on the outlet, making sure the lamp turns on and off each time you press the test button. Use this same test for each outlet to make sure they all work.

Make a list - look around your entire house for leaks, breaks, cracks, wear, loose outlet covers, boxes, and receptacles and jot down anything you find may cause an issue to give to your electrician.

Schedule an Inspection - using your list, contact the electrical professionals at DUT to schedule a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your home's entire electrical system. Your electrician will be able to address any issues you've discovered as well as provide you with information on repairing anything you may have overlooked.

Happy Spring from your friendly, professional electricians at ICE! Contact our electrical experts today to schedule your springtime electrical inspection.

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