DIY projects that should always be left to an electrician.

Most everyone delights in the wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes from discovering a problem and figuring out a way to fix it ourselves. We all love to save money by finding shortcuts that seemingly work as well as a professional solution because we know a good professional job usually doesn’t come cheap – if the job was done cheap, it probably wouldn’t be done right.

With that being said, there are situations when you’re really better off spending the extra time and money to find someone who can handle a project professionally and correctly. So, how do you know when it’s time to hang up the DIY and leave the job to a professional?

As a general rule of thumb, any project involving electrical wiring is best left to a professional, even if the project is “seemingly” simple – like changing out an electrical outlet or replacing a light fixture. Electrical shock can occur in a fraction of a second when projects involving electricity are undertaken without a strong working knowledge of electrical wiring.

Here are 4 common projects that should always be left to a professional no matter how seemingly simple they appear:

  1. Fixing a Short
    Addressing and fixing an electrical short may seem simple, but in actuality it isn’t – especially if your home is older and has aluminum wiring problems. Trying to address these issues without a professional send about a thousand people to the emergency room every year and are the cause of hundreds of house fires. If the wiring in your home is shorting out, it is time to call a professional immediately
  2. Electrical Work in the Bathroom or Kitchen
    With a mixture of water and electricity in these rooms, electrical issues are doubly dangerous in these areas. Never attempt to replace or repair wiring, outlets, light fixtures or exhaust fans in these rooms of your home without the professional assistance of one of our electricians.
  3. Installing New Outlets
    When you find yourself using way too many extension cords and power strips, you may be tempted to install a few new outlets for safety, assuming that this will be an easy task. But this is another project that seems simple, but really requires the help of an electrical professional. Electrical shock and house fires can occur if you attempt to undertake this task on your own without fully understanding how electrical wiring works.
  4. Installing New Circuits

Especially in older homes, when we add all of the modern technology and hardware that we use today, the old wiring and circuits tend to trip. When this happens, never try to install a new breaker without the help of a professional. The professionals at In Charge Electric will safely upgrade electrical panels and install sub panels, ensuring that the circuits in your home can safely handle your modern electrical needs.

When it comes to DIY projects, electrical projects should always at least be run by an electrical professional first before the project begins. Contact In Charge Electric for all of your electrical needs. 

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