COVID-19 Operational Update

At In Charge Electric, Inc, the well-being and health of our team members, customers, and the neighborhoods we serve are our highest priority. That has always included performing the best possible work we can do and using the best materials available to us. This has always allowed us to make your homes and businesses safe and well maintained.

We are taking extra precautions for your safety and our team members. We do not want to harm the health of any employee or customer.

As of now, our employees will be implementing the following:

  • No Handshakes for the time being - We know this is a much-beloved practice and greeting, but for safety reasons, we have deemed it the best thing to do.
  • Boot Covers - We have purchased boot covers that will allow us to keep the dirt, germs and outside conditions out of your home.
  • Sanitizing Hands & Tools – Every tech will thoroughly sanitize their hands before any work is started.
  • Healthy Employees - Also, no service rep will be sent into your home if they show symptoms of illness, or if they have been exposed to anyone that has symptoms.

We are proud to serve you all and to keep your families safe! We can be reached at 352-350-7878

Thank You,

The In Charge Electric Team

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