Renovations & Remodels

Renovations and Remodels

Nothing more exciting than renovating and remodeling your home. But who can you trust to do this type of work? Remodel work is entirely different than new construction and should only be handled by contractors who can perform this type of work.

Even demolition has to be taken very seriously. If there is a wall in your home, nine times out of ten, it will have an electrical wire in it.

Electrical wiring is the most important aspect of your home. 90% of the electrical system is hidden in the walls and attic of your home. Great care must be taken when renovating. We have seen countless improper wiring methods taken place during the renovation that has led to damage to homes, shocks, and fires.

Protect yourself!

  • Please make sure all the work that is being done in your home is done by licensed contractors with the state of Florida.
  • Make sure the contractor pulls a permit, and all work is inspected.

Renovation work is hard, dirty work and is a specialty. Not everyone wants to do it because of these reasons. The experts at In Charge Electric have been specifically trained in this type of work and would be happy to assist you in your electrical remodeling needs.

In Charge Electric electricians know where to begin whether you have already planned your project, or need help planning your project and want to know the specifics involved. From concept to the day you turn the switch on the light, we are at your side every step of the way. Let our experience work for you.

Please give In Charge Electric a call at (352) 350-7878 or please request service from our contact page.  We can help you plan and design all your lighting and power needs. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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