Chandeliers – Make an impact on your home and guests

Chandeliers can make an ordinary room look extraordinary!  You can instantly change the look and feel of a room by the lighting that is installed. Whether you are installing a new chandelier or upgrading to a new one, the professionals at In Charge Electric are here to serve you with expert installation.

There are a few things to consider when having a chandelier installed.

  • Are you replacing an existing fixture?
  • Is this chandelier going to be installed in a new location?
  • How much is chandelier weigh?
  • How big is the chandelier?

When installing a new chandelier in a location never wired for electricity before, the installation by our electrical experts will be a more in depth wiring process. It will require a new switch, box and new wiring being run from your existing electrical circuit to the desired location for your new chandelier. Or if the chandelier is big, it may need its own dedicated circuit. Also a UL box will need to be installed along with bracing if the fixture is heavy.

On this page you can see a crystal chandelier that we installed for a customer here in The Villages. This particular fixture weighed over 150lbs and it took two electricians to install it and build special bracing in the attic.

This type of job should only be done by properly trained electricians. Your safety and your family’s safety is our number one concern.

If you are upgrading your existing chandelier, or installing a chandelier to replace something currently in your desired location, such as a ceiling fan or light fixture, the installation is quicker and will require less time and less in depth wiring.

The ease of access with which your home provides our electrician in order to get to your ceiling and current wiring will determine the length of time needed to install your chandelier. All prices will be made in person not over the phone.

Please contact In Charge Electric right away at (352) 350-7878 or please request service from our contact page to see how our expert residential electricians can help you with chandelier installation!

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